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Product Guide

2014 Product Guide (1.6 MB)

NEW! EASE Database Downloads

All Soundsphere loudspeaker models were measured at NWAA Labs state-of-the-art measurement facility in 2007. The EASE data, now available for download below, is the unmodified high-resolution data as received from NWAA labs. Data is available for both EASE/EASEJR 3.x and EASE/EASEJR 4.x.:

For EASE/EASEJR 3.x users: Soundsphere EASE 3.x
For EASE/EASEJR 4.x users: Soundsphere EASE 4.x

Installation Guides

Distributed System Quick Planning Guide
110B, Q-6
Wire Run Resistance Chart
Wire Size Selection Guide

Specification Sheets

Model Q-SB2 Sub-Bass Supplement
Model Q-15 Loudspeaker
Model Q-12A Loudspeaker
Model Q-8 Loudspeaker
Model Q-6 Compact, Weatherproof Loudspeaker
Model 110B Compact Loudspeaker
Model 110 Page Loudspeaker

Discontinued Products

Click here to access spec sheets and install guides for discontinued products such as the Q-CS, Q-CS100,and Q-CA.