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Vintage Garage Stereo Utilizes Soundsphere 2715’s

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Although the 2715’s have been discontinued for some time now, we still thought this was worth sharing! We just received a submission from a user who plans on using a pair of these as a garage stereo. Mike came across a pair of SoundSphere 2715’s, refurbished them, and gave them a custom paint job with a retro orange Union 76 Gas Station logo.

Vintage Garage Stereo Ideas SoundSphere 2715 Union 76 Logo

That’s one cool garage stereo!

As you can see, the 2715’s are quite different than the streamlined speakers we offer today. The 2715 utilized dual 15″ woofers and two conical reflectors similar to what you see in today’s Q15. For high frequency dispersion, the 2715 utilized six tweeters placed around the enclosure. Today’s speakers use coaxial speakers to produce the full-range, 360 degree dispersion from a single point.

Garage Stereo Ideas - Soundsphere Omnidirectional Speakers Firehouse

Soundsphere speakers installed in a firehouse

Soundsphere Speakers Are Used in Garage Stereos Around the World

Soundsphere speakers are actually quite commonplace in commercial garages thanks to their even sound distribution. Although not typically used as a garage stereo for music playback, commercial garages and emergency services depend on Soundsphere to deliver clear, intelligible messages to their personnel. But that’s not to say that Soundsphere speakers can’t handle music – the larger models and subwoofers are very well equipped to produce the low-end response needed for music.

Mike plans on hanging his retro 2715’s in his friend’s car collection warehouse as an omnidirectional garage stereo. His next project? Two smaller Soundspheres that might get the 8-ball treatment.


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