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New Paging Speaker Cuts Through the Noise

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Introducing the 110 Page

Enclosed in the same size cabinet as the 110B Compact, the all-new 110 Page is tailored for paging purposes. With high sensitivity in the vocal range, the 110 Page is the perfect solution for delivering critical paging messages in areas with high background noise levels. Use the 110 Page in transportation hubs, emergency facilities, correctional institutions, warehouses and manufacturing plants, cafeterias and more.

This speaker has been specifically engineered to produce clear and intelligible messages at very high SPL levels (up to 116db!) – just the thing for when your message must be heard in areas with high levels of noise pollution.

Soundsphere 110 Page Omnidirectional Paging Speaker 400x400

The 110 Page vs Traditional Paging Horns

Unlike conventional paging horns that typically deliver harsh, unintelligible sound, the 110 Page was designed for superb clarity of speech while maintaining the high SPL level that is required for noisy environments. This, coupled with Soundsphere’s trademark 360-degree horizontal dispersion technology provides superior off-axis response and super high intelligibility, even at long distances. It offers 101 dB SPL (AES 2.83V) in a compact form factor, with a single 11-7/8” high speaker covering the same area as four conventional horns. Even very large, open areas can be covered with just a few 110 Page loudspeakers.


Note: the 110 Page’s output has been tailored to provide superior throw of voice frequencies. It is not recommended for music applications.



This 4-ohm speaker is powered by a 6.5” full-range driver that is boosted by an oversized neodymium-ferrite hybrid magnet system. Available now in a low-Z format, with a transformer version coming soon, the 110 Page is ideal for public areas with high ambient noise levels. The transformer version, available at the end of November 2014, will offer taps for 25-, 70- and 100-volt systems.

System Type 6.5″ Full-Range Driver
Impedance (Nominal) 4 Ohms
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 101 dB (300 Hz – 3 kHz)
Max Peak Power 120 W
Max SPL 116 dB
Coverage Angle 150° (±6 dB Ave 500 Hz – 4 kHz)
Weight 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)

110 Page Freq Response


Installation & Applications

As with other Soundsphere hemispherical speakers, the 110 Page is easy to install, and requires no aiming or alignment. Matching installation accessories are available to further simplify installation.



To find out more about Soundsphere 110 Page or audio in general, post your questions and comments on our FACEBOOK page. Installation photos can be found HERE. Check our online configurator to see just how few loudspeakers you really need when using Soundsphere.

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The 110 Page is made in the USA and is available via MSE Audio’s Commercial Division, which also includes SoundTube Entertainment, Rockustics and SolidDrive.