Omnidirectional Commercial Audio Speakers

Soundsphere omnidirectional speakers and speaker systems feature hemispherical dispersion and full-range sound, creating solutions for a multitude of applications and environments. From offices to ice arenas, from conference rooms to convention centers, there is a broad coverage solution from Soundsphere, the leader in omnidirectional speaker technology since 1976.
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Configurator Tool

Our new online system configurator will allow you to input your distributed system application parameters in order to figure out what Soundsphere speaker setup will suit your needs. The latest version of our step-by-step distributed system planning guide is available for download.

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At Soundsphere, we manufacture speakers offering hemispherical sound coverage for most applications. Soundsphere speakers are light in weight and can be installed easily and quickly. Even large systems can be installed in a day or less.

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About Us

Our technical team of specialized design, development, application and acoustical engineers brings a combination of both innovative and proven design concepts and practices to the Soundsphere speaker product line.

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